The Digital Teaching Framework is an initiative that seeks to describe the minimum and ‘best practice’ standards of that experience and, in doing so, provide a clear pathway to support, training and professional learning, as well as illuminate areas of policy, practice and infrastructure that can be improved or modified.

Courses at UQ can review their design against these standards. The Digital Teaching Standard (DTS) Dashboard has been developed for the review and to capture the review data for analytics. Note: You need to be nominated to be able to access the DTS dashboard. 

Two nomination methods are available:

  1. Self-nominated by registering to review their course.
  2. School ADAs nominate courses to participate in the review.

Once nominated, the respective Course Coordinators and Learning Designers will be added to the DTS dashboard by their school admin staff.

Course Coordinators and Learning Designers will then start the review process in the DTS dashboard.