Getting started - Semester 2, 2023

31 Jul 2023

Tools for engaging students

UQ supports a range of technologies to facilitate active learning and collaboration in classes, seminars, and tutorials. Our experienced eLearning Advisers offer personalised advice on integrating a range of eLearning tools into courses.

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New Gradescope assignment guides

UQ guides are now available for submitting and marking handwritten assignments in Gradescope. Find out how to reuse assignments, set up custom marking groups, and apply late penalties.

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Ready to Tutor Week - thank you!

Thanks to all attendees for making Ready to Tutor Week a success. Missed a session? The recordings are now available via our past events resources webpage (UQ login required).

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Course site design tips - weekly structure

To help reduce the time it takes students to find resources, have only 1 learning resource folder per week or module. The folder should be titled with the week number and a description of the topic. Watch the video to learn more about course guidelines around weekly structure (YouTube, 2m 28s). 


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Join UQ's new Assessment Design Community

We’re excited to announce that UQ’s new Assessment Design Community is here! ITaLI is building a community to help UQ staff harness the power of collective expertise; showcase our diverse assessment initiatives and resources; and assist each other in designing and creating meaningful assessment. Join the Assessment Design Community today!

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Talking to your students about Generative AI

With UQ providing 3 options for how Generative AI is managed in assessment, many students are confused about what they are allowed to do. While the options should be clearly identified in your ECP, it is important to talk with your students about your expectations for using (or not using) generative AI in their study and assessment. Presentation slides have been developed to guide this discussion. The ITaLI Generative AI pages includes examples of how academics are raising these ideas their courses. 

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What's Working? - Generative AI

Register for the upcoming What’s Working? Webinar that will take place on Monday 21 August, 1–2pm. In this webinar, Dr Luke Zaphir will demonstrate how we might use ChatGPT authentically and inauthentically, and discuss how to optimise prompts for better outcomes. 

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Transitioning to the new group peer assessment tool in Semester 2, 2023

Courses that incorporate a group peer evaluation component in their assessment are encouraged to utilise a new tool called Buddycheck. Buddycheck is used by students on group projects to evaluate each other’s contributions.

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Password management - Digital Essentials module

The Password management module (within the Digital Essentials series) introduces students to privacy issues, managing personal information, password management systems, and data breaches. The module is embedded into courses to make it more accessible for students.

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Upskill your students: utilise the Learning Development Team 

Encourage your students to develop their skills with this student-facing service. The Learning Development Team (part of Student Services) provides targeted resources for upskilling at any stage. Data from the Student Relations Network (2022-23) highlights the main challenges for first-year students: managing academic workload and transitioning to university. For continuing students, it's about developing academic skills and balancing work/life and study. The Learning Development Team offer workshops, a resourceful website, short courses on writing, and individual appointments.

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Use Grade Centre instead of spreadsheets

To enhance the management and security of student grades, it is advisable for staff to reduce reliance on spreadsheets and transition to using Grade Centre. By adopting Grade Centre, staff can efficiently record assessment results and accurately calculate final grades, thereby improving overall grade management and data security.


Filter by tutorial, seminar, and practical groups in Grade Centre

Use Smart Views this semester to filter your Grade Centre by contact, tutorial, practical, or seminar groups to speed up the entry of marks and student submissions’ checks. Watch the video (YouTube, 2m 9s). 


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Check which students haven't accessed your course

Course Insights, UQ's course-level learning analytics dashboard, is available to all Course Coordinators via Learn.UQ. To identify which students have not accessed the online course materials this semester, use the Course Insights filter and contact them individually through the platform to provide timely instruction or support.

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What's on

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eLearning webinars (Zoom)

Other events and courses

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Teaching and learning support

eLearning support

For technical support with central eLearning tools, email eLearning support

eLearning Advisers

To receive pedagogical advice from UQ's leading teaching qualified experts on using our central eLearning tools, including how to select and configure learning technologies. Book a Zoom consultation with an eLearning adviser


Self-paced online workshops are available for a variety of systems and tools. eLearning advisers are available to deliver custom workshops in your school or faculty. Book a custom workshop.

Teaching career development support

ITaLI staff can provide help on developing your career and achieving recognition for your teaching practice. Please contact or book a 15-minute Zoom consultation.

Inspera assessment design support

For approved courses, Digital Assessment Learning Designers can help with assessment design, question and assessment task creation, optimising the student experience, and providing feedback in InsperaBook an online consultation.  

Teaching support

ITaLI staff are available to offer pedagogical advice. Please contact or book a 30-minute Zoom consultation.

Learning designers

For faculty or school-level support, please refer to the list of Learning Designers in your area.