eLearning Workshops - Week 4 Support

20 Mar 2020


ITaLI and Library are offering professional development to assist with online course delivery. Workshops for today 20 March and for w/c 23 March are listed below. Additional workshops will be made available based on demand.

Virtual Classroom (Zoom)

Virtual Classroom (Zoom) workshops - multiple on campus

Workshops are available at St Lucia on facilitating tutorials, seminars and lectures via Zoom. For a full workshop description, dates and to register, visit Virtual Classroom (Zoom) workshops.  Workshops are available starting Friday 20 March.

Personal Zoom Tutorials via Zoom

ITaLI’s Media team are offering personal training on using Zoom. These tutorials will be conducted using the Zoom tool itself. Personal tutorials will cover using Zoom to facilitate tutorials, seminars and lectures. Staff can book via the appointments webpage. When booking, please choose an advisor designated  'Zoom support only'. Additional appointments will be made available based on demand.

Zoom Drop-in Room

ITaLI are running Zoom support drop-in sessions for staff that want to practice Zoom or ask questions about Zoom. The Zoom room will be open 10:00am-2:00pm Mon-Fri, commencing Friday 20 March and running to Friday 27 March at https://bit.ly/uqzoomdropin

Adding your Zoom recording to Blackboard

ITaLI now have a guide on how to quickly add a link to your Zoom recording to your Blackboard site. This method avoids having to download  the recording for re-upload to a video server (e.g. Echo/Kaltura).

Desktop Recording - Kaltura Capture

A range of professional development options are available on using Kaltura Capture to produce online lecture content.

Video Assignments

Professional development is available on student video assignments. Video assignments have a variety of applications including replacing face-to-face assessments such as oral presentations.

Online Exams

Professional development is available on moving on-campus tests and exams online. This training focuses on the Test tool in Learn.UQ (Blackboard).

Online self-paced workshops - start online any time

eLearning Solutions Service

ITaLI is offering general one-on-one eLearning consultations to teaching staff through the eLearning Solutions Service. Consultations are available on the integration of UQ eLearning tools into courses. Staff can nominate for the Solutions Service via the appointments webpage. Consultations will be delivered via Zoom.

Online Pedagogies and Assessment Support

ITaLI maintains an online teaching guide

ITaLI provides additional T&L support options as follows:

ITalI has a range of other teaching support option avaialble to staff including

See full services here

Teaching Online Guides - on LinkedIn Learning

UQ has a subscription to LinkedIn Learning through UQ Library. Useful distance education guides may include: