As of 20 April 2020, ITS has adjusted the academic Zoom licence to enhance functionality. Now when you log into Zoom, it should show LICENCED. For recordings completed prior to 20 April 2020, refer to the Add a Zoom Recording to Learn.UQ (AARNet Cloud Recordings) guide.

Shortly after the Zoom meeting has ended, the host will receive an email from Zoom ( with the recording link. Depending on the length of your Zoom session, it may take some time for your Zoom recording to be processed.

Once the meeting host has received the email, they can add the recording to their Learn.UQ course by creating a web link to the recording.

Zoom meetings recorded to the cloud in the Licenced version may include the following features:

  • Video recording
  • Audio recording
  • Audio transcript
  • Chat transcript (not including breakout rooms)

Warning: Zoom cloud recordings will be kept by Zoom while UQ maintains a license for the product.