1. Access your edX (Edge) course.
  2. Select your course’s name from the Dashboard.

course selected in edX (Edge) dashboard

  1. Ensure View this course as: is set to Staff from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Instructor.

in edx edge, view this course as is set to staff then instructor is selected


view course in studio selected

  1. If required, select + New Section to create a new section in your edX (Edge) course. Provide a name for that new section.

new section selected

  1. Optionally, go to an existing section and expand it by selecting the down-arrow.
  2. Select + New Subsection to create a new subsection in that week’s activities.

Note: You can create a subsection in newly created sections.

down-arrow in Week 1 selected, and once expanded, new subsection is visible. New Subsection is selected

  1. Provide a name for your new subsection then select outside of the textbox to save it.

the name, quiz, has been entered into the textbox

  1. Select + New Unit to create a new component for that subsection.

Note: You can create a New Unit in existing subsections.

new unit selected in subsection