Declutter your course; Exam resources and advice

4 Jun 2024

Declutter your Semester 2 course site to make it more manageable

Delete unused content that has been copied forward. Content is always available in past versions of your course site. To request access, email the Course Coordinator listed on the Course Profile for the desired semester, or email your Head of School for approval. Forward their approval to

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Have you ordered a Blackboard Ultra Preview site?

Ultra Course Preview sites are now available for staff to explore Blackboard’s most recent look and functionality for course sites. To request a preview site, please email

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Confirm your Semester 2 learning resources

Course Coordinators should update their required and recommended readings via the course reading list (using Talis Aspire) and aim to publish their list before the start of teaching.
Our online guide contains instructions on how to publish your list. The Library is offering short, online training sessions. Visit StudentHub to register to attend training.
Read Semester 2, 2024 course reading lists for more details. 

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Project Updates

Migration from Kaltura to Echo in progress

Currently, all Kaltura videos are being automatically migrated to Echo360 and re-embedded in Learn.UQ courses, with no expected downtime. During the re-embedding process, a new item with an Echo360 video embed is created, while the old item containing the Kaltura video embed is hidden from students. You may wish to delete the old item with the Kaltura video. By 1 July, all Kaltura videos are expected to be converted and will be shareable from your Echo360 account.
Reminder: The EchoVideo Deep Linking tool will need to be used for embedding new videos in Learn.UQ and student video submissions.
For further information, please visit the project page or contact

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Microsoft Teams for Teaching and Learning

In Semester 2 all courses will be provided with a Team, and the use of Teams for Teaching and Learning is optional. If Course Coordinators decide to utilise Teams, they will need to activate their course Team. Students enrolled in the respective Learn.UQ course will automatically be added to the corresponding Team, called 'course team'.

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Adobe students as partners projects

UQ has a comprehensive licence with Adobe to use a wide range of products for teaching and learning. These products have been successfully used at other institutions to increase student prospective employment outcomes, skill sets and learning experience (see examples at WSU, RMIT and Bath Spa University). 
The next round of Student-Staff Partnership (SSP) projects is encouraging students and staff to propose projects that either:

  • co-assess the efficiency of using Adobe products within teaching and learning to enhance student outcomes
  • explore what it is that these products can be used for in teaching and learning or student experience.

Potential project ideas on this topic can be submitted for consideration for Round 4 by completing the SSP Project Submission form by 16 June.  You can learn more about the SSP program and how to submit a project idea here or by attending an upcoming information session
If you would like to discuss your project idea initially with ITaLI, please contact Deanne Gannaway.

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Exam resources and advice

Recording exam results in Grade Centre

Using Grade Centre is an opportunity to enhance grade management and security compared to the use of spreadsheets. This is outlined in the PPL Assessment Procedure - Part F - Assessment Judgements. Grade Centre has built-in logging and monitoring of data which has been an important part of resolving mistakes in the past. Check out the guides for tips to efficiently record your exam results in Grade Centre.

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Top 7 tips for finalising grades

As we approach the end of Semester 1, check out the Top 7 tips for finalising grades.

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How to check late exam submissions

Guides are available to assist staff in viewing and sorting late submissions and submit a test attempt that is in progress on behalf of a student.

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How to view exams

Guides are available to assist staff in delivering online exam viewing sessions for Learn.UQ and Inspera exams.

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Direct upload of multiple-choice questions

Do you have auto-marked MCQs in your final exam? If so, you can directly upload marked MCQ test results to Grade Centre. The following video shows how to upload paper-based MCQ test results to Grade Centre using the provided results spreadsheet (YouTube, 8m 12s).


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eProfessionalism – Digital Essentials module

The eProfessionalism module (within the Digital Essentials series) contributes to giving students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed post-graduation. The module is embedded into courses to make it more accessible for students.

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Are you intending to use Inspera for assessment in Semester 2?

If you are a course coordinator who wishes to use Inspera in your course in Semester 2, please complete the Intention to use Inspera form by Friday 28 June 2024. Completing this form enables us to plan support across ITaLI, the eLearning helpdesk, the Library, and Examinations to improve the quality of support for you and your students. Please note: while Inspera is now available for use in all UQ courses, very large class sizes (over 500 students) wishing to use Inspera for on-campus examinations require confirmation.

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What's on

Ready to Teach | 8–12 July 2024

Ready to Teach Week is packed with a variety of engaging events to enhance your teaching experience at UQ. Gain practical tips and connect with fellow teachers. Explore the program and secure your spot today.

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Ready to Tutor | 23–25 July 2024

Ready to Tutor Week is a series of sessions designed to help tutors prepare for the upcoming semester. Learn about Turnitin marking, Learn.UQ Basic, collaborative learning tools and more.

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eLearning workshops (self-paced)

eLearning online workshops (Zoom)

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Other events and courses

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Teaching and learning support

eLearning support

For technical support with central eLearning tools, email eLearning support

eLearning Advisers

To receive pedagogical advice from UQ's leading teaching technology experts on using our central eLearning tools, including how to select and configure learning technologies, book a Zoom consultation with an eLearning adviser.


Self-paced online workshops are available for a variety of systems and tools. eLearning advisers are available to deliver custom workshops in your school or faculty. Organise a custom workshop.

Digital assessment design support

ITaLI’s Digital Assessment team are available to assist with all aspects of assessment including task design, question writing, Generative AI, assessment security, marking and moderation efficiency, optimising the student experience, feedback, alignment with and working with Inspera AssessmentBook an online consultation.

Teaching support

ITaLI staff are available to offer pedagogical advice. Please contact or book a 30-minute Zoom consultation.

Learning Designers

For faculty or school-level support, please refer to the list of Learning Designers in your area.