Turnitin has released its enhanced Similarity Report which will be rolled out over S2 2024 - S2 2025 at UQ.

What is the Similarity Report in Turnitin?

The Similarity Report in Turnitin produces a percentage of text matching with existing sources. It is generated from a comparison between a student submission (minimum 20 words) and large databases of literature.  These databases include billions of pages of active and archived internet content, previous submissions to Turnitin, tens of thousands of journals, and other publications.

At the University of Queensland in semester 1, 2024, there were 1187 courses using Turnitin for text matching in student assessment submissions.

    What will be happening?

    Semester 2, 2024

    The new report will be made available from 16 July 2024. By default, the old similarity report will display.

    Teaching staff and Academic Integrity Officers are advised to continue using the old similarity report for consistency across the university and any academic integrity investigations.

    The new Similarity Report can be toggled on or off.

    Semester 1, 2025

    By default, the new similarity report will display from the end of 2024 / beginning of 2025.

    Teaching staff will still be able to toggle it off or back on.

    Semester 1, 2026

    The old similarity report will not be available from the end of 2025.

    How is it different from the 'old' Similarity Report in Turnitin?

    The New Similarity Report in Turnitin is more intuitive and better presented than the old report.  The main difference between the new and the 'old' is the use of match categories. These make it easier for marking staff to identify areas of investigation and discern the types of referencing errors that their students are making.  These can be used to provide meaningful feedback to students. See the guide for further information.

      The next main difference is the two tabs at the top, which allow users to switch conveniently between the match categories of similarity and the sources.

      Other noticeable differences are:

      • the AI writing detection indicator
      • more information about each source
      • simplified settings to exclude certain match types
      • improved accessibility in the interface
      • a toggle on/off to show overlapping sources.

      How is it the same as the old Similarity Report in Turnitin?

      Firstly, Turnitin has always emphasised the fact that this function is a text-matching tool and not a plagiarism checker.  Therefore, the New Similarity Report does not detect plagiarism.  It highlights areas of investigation for the markers, just like the existing similarity report.  Remember that a student's submission may have a low similarity score but still contain plagiarism.  Similarly, a student's submission may have a high similarity score but be original.

      Secondly, the similarity score (displayed as a percentage of matched text) is the same and will also be displayed against each submission in the Assignment Inbox.

      You can still click on each source individually to investigate further.

      Resources and training


      • Experience the demonstration from Turnitin.
      • Academic Integrity Officers - Academic Integrity Updates
        • 9 July, 2024
      • eLearning guides to be updated

      Workshops for staff

      • Learning designers
        • Custom workshop to be delivered
      • Teaching staff


      • Student guides to be updated

      Communication channels

      The eLearning Systems and Support team will communicate with staff across UQ through a variety of channels, including:

      If you have any particular concerns, please contact elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au.

      Communications completed

      • 31 May 2024 - Student Conduct and Grievance Resolution team consultation
      • 30 May 2024 - eLearning Update
      • 18 April 2024 - eLearning Update
      • 7 February 2024 - Ready 2 Teach week - Academic Integrity update, consultation

      Communications planned

      • 7 July 2024 - Ready 2 Teach week - Academic Integrity update, consultation
      • 16 July 2024 - Directors of Teaching and Learning forum presentation


      Do I have to use the new Similarity Report in Turnitin?

      Throughout semester 2, 2024 you do not have to use the new Similarity Report in Turnitin.  However, by the end of 2025 the old Similarity Report will be turned off and you will have to use the new one.