Jac (Curriculum Management System)

October 2020December 2024

What is Jac?

Jac is UQ’s curriculum management system. It provides an intuitive, integrated, digital tool-set enabling staff to collaboratively and accountably create, manage and evolve a comprehensive curriculum. Jac shares data with other systems to prevent double-entry of information enabling automation of a number of processes while supporting continued teaching excellence at UQ. 

The name Jac is inspired by the iconic jacarandas, which are prolific at the St Lucia campus, and much loved by staff, students and community alike.

How was this project initiated? 

Following a university-wide curriculum review, UQ recognised the need for a new tool-set to manage its broad and evolving curriculum more effectively. UQ’s new curriculum management system, Jac, was first piloted in 2019 and successfully launched in October 2020 by the Curriculum End-to-End Program (CEEP) team supported by the Enterprise Applications Strategic Enhancements team (EASE). Jac utilises Global IT Factory’s cloud-based Curriculum Management System which supports the introduction of new IT capabilities and the retirement of legacy processes and systems.

What is the objective of the project?

The project's objective is to support staff in adopting Jac, UQ's new curriculum management system. Jac will provide an integrated digital tool set enabling staff to collaborate in the creation, management and evolution of a comprehensive curriculum. The system is designed to reduce manual steps and duplication of content and effort, leaving more time for staff to focus on delivering world-class learning experiences for students. 

What is happening? 

A range of resources are being produced by the CEEP team, in collaboration with eLearning, to support staff adoption. Change management will also be undertaken to manage the change from "ECP" to "Course Profile" in preparation for Jac.

Staff communications


The following resources have been planned:

  • Instructional text guides


Academic staff

For technical support with Jac (i.e. how to use the system), academic staff (e.g. course coordinators) should contact their local area expert

For pedagogical advice on how to implement the new Course Profile assessment categories, staff can book a 30-min assessment support consultation with an ITaLI Learning Designer.

Professional staff

Professional staff can obtain initial support by requesting access to the Jac Support Microsoft Team and posting in the "Course instance module" channel.

Note: Contact APP at jac.support@uq.edu.au if you are unable to access this Teams site.

Project team

John MeehanProject ManagerCEEP team, ITS
Michael HongChange ManagerCEEP team, ITS

Matthew Eves

Training LeadCEEP team, ITS
Iliria StenningSenior eLearning Designer & AdvisereLearning Systems and Support, ITaLI