The July 2022 release includes improvements for several content types. Many of the upgrades are accessibility improvements. See the complete list of improvements below.

Documentation tool improvements:

  1. Allowed Accordions to be added to Documentation Tool pages.
  2. More specific default labels for the next and previous buttons so that if a documentation tool is inside another paged tool it will be easier to distinguish the documentation tool navigation and the page’s navigation. The new labels are “Next documentation step” and “Previous documentation step”. The label change does not affect existing content.
  3. Long titles that are truncated visually will be read in full by screen readers.
  4. Improved how VoiceOver announces the next button.
  5. Made sure screen readers read all of the export page.
  6. Made sure VoiceOver starts reading the export document view when the “Create document” button is clicked.
  7. Provided more information to authors about how to use placeholders vs. descriptions in the edit view.
  8. Made sure character limits are announced by screen readers.

Drag and Drop improvements:

Fix so that answers are not incorrectly highlighted in pink (it some times does when hovering and/or shifting focus with the keyboard).

Course Presentation improvements:

Improve contrasts on the progress bars and the focus effect on previous next and expand buttons.

Interactive Book:

  1. Ensured that all screen readers are able to read the aria labels for the navigation buttons (moving the buttons from internal tags to their parent button tags).
  2. Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect screen reader flows(because aria-controls attributes were undefined)
  3. Made sure the navigation menu is hidden also for screen readers when it is hidden.
  4. Allowed adding a video on the start screen 5. Add styling options to the cover description

Interactive Video:

Changed the default label for the “More options” button to “More player options” to make it different from the similarly named button in YouTube.

Question Set:

  1. Changed the start button to be seen as a button instead of a link
  2. Moved the role=”Navigation” from the dot list at the bottom ul tag to the parent tag to improve how screen readers handle the list.
  3. Changed the main title to H1.
  4. Improved the accessibility of the progress bar (clearly separate the modes the progress bar dots may have).

Single Choice Set:

  1. Adjusted the contrast for the progress bar.
  2. Made screen reader users access the mute button earlier.

Speak the Words Set:

Fixed HTML encoding in the introduction title.

All content types:

  1. Adjusted the contrast for the score bar.
  2. Fixed autoplay for Panopto videos.