The Blackboard course template incorporates the items that course instructors are required to use for to meet Minimum Presence requirements. The template was designed in collaboration with academic staff and was finalised by an Academic Board decision on August 30th 2010.

Faculties are free to use customised templates, but they should at least have the minimum components listed in the bullet points below. Where a faculty or school has a formal convention of hosting learning materials in an alternate system, the initiative requires that this material be linked to from the "Learning Resources" section of the course's Blackboard site.

The minimum components required for a Blackboard course template are:

  • Announcements: Student Announcements component - this section is used to post important course information, updates and announcements.
  • Course Profile: Links to the Course Profile¬†- this is automatically created.
  • Learning Resources: This content area is where course instructors will upload course materials, lecture notes or links to other sites. Instructors may link to learning held on different systems.
  • Discussion Board:¬† for use with your students.
  • Course Library Link: Library links to online library resources

ITS also includes Assessment, My Grades and Tools for convenience as these are requested by the majority of instructors.