Compare two documents

  1. Visit the iThenticate site.

  2. Click on Upload a File from the Submit a document side menu.

the upload a file link is highlighted

  1. Under Report & Repository Options, choose either to Document Repository & Generate Report or to Document Repository Only.

Note: There is a known issue that this step is not currently available. 

the two options are highlighted

  1. Enter the Author First Name, Author Last Name and Document Title for Upload #1.

the first name, last name and title are highlighted

  1. Click on the Choose File button and locate the first document you would like to compare.
  2. Click on the Add another file link to repeat the process for the second document.

the choose file and add another file button are highlighted

  1. Repeat Steps 3 to 5 for the second document you would like to compare.
  2. Click on the Upload button.

the upload button is highlighted

  1. Click on the percentage for the second document under the Report column.

the percentage button is highlighted

  1. The iThenticate Document Viewer will launch the report in another window.
  2. Select a match from the Your Indexed Documents side panel.

the matches are shown

  1. Click on the number of the corresponding match within the similarity report.
  2. Click on Full Source View in the top right corner of the summary window.

the number and full source view link are highlighted

  1. The comparison paper (the first document) will appear on the right hand side, with all the matching text highlighted in red.

red matching text is highlighted

Unindex the documents

If you would not like these documents to be compared to other files in the UQ Depository, you will need to unindex them.

  1. Visit the iThenticate site.
  2. Click on the Edit icon of the document you would like to unindex.

the edit icon is highlighted

  1. In the Document Information side panel next to Indexed, click on (remove).

the remove option is highlighted

  1. Click on the OK button.

the ok button is highlighted

  1. The document information will then update to show that the document is no longer indexed.

highlighted document index information