Video Guide

Text editor - Equation editor (YouTube, 2m)


The equation editor is written by WIRIS and uses the latest MathML standard for describing math formulas for displaying in a browser. The formulas are saved as .png files for displaying and as MathML for future editing.

The equation editor includes:

  • Basic operations
  • Matrix calculus
  • Calculus and series
  • Logic and set theory
  • Units
  • Greek aplphabet

Open text editor

  1. Open the text editor (can be found in Items, Announcements, Discussion Board, Blogs, Journals, Wikis, Assignments, Tests and the Grade Centre).
  2. Click on the 3 dots to expand the text editor.
  3. Click on the Equation Editor (Insert a maths question – MathsType) icon.

3 dot selected, equation editor selected

Help files

  1. Click on the Manual icon.

manual icon selected