Rubric design, Designing online quizzes and Engaging virtual classrooms workshops

12 Jan 2015
eLearning Update, eLearning Systems and Support
12 January 2015

Online marking and rubric design workshops

ITS and ITaLI (formerly TEDI) are running back to back workshops to support staff moving to online marking in 2015. Participants need to register for each workshop separately.


In this course, participants will be guided through the process of creating a TurnItIn assignment, setting up rubrics and the student assignment submission process. Marking assignments online using the GradeMark tool on a computer and offline using the iPad GradeMark app will also be covered. Register for the 18 February workshop on the Staff Development site.

Designing rubrics for online marking

Explore a range of approaches for using rubrics in support of marking and feedback using UQ’s digital systems. Setting clear and well understood standards is the basis for fair assessment at UQ. Criteria and assessment tables (rubrics) can be an effective way to support students’ and other stakeholders’ understanding of the expected standards and assessment performance against these standards. Marking with rubrics can be more efficient and consistent with well designed rubrics. This course will provide guidance for making your marking load more efficient through the use of electronic rubrics. The course will explore ways to provide more timely and effective feedback for students. Register for the 18 February workshop on the Staff Development site.

Online tests, quizzes and exams workshops

ITS and ITaLI (formerly TEDI) are running back to back workshops to support staff including online tests in their courses in 2015. Participants need to register for each workshop separately.

Designing online quizzes

Online quizzes can be efficient and engaging learning activities. Designing quiz questions that push your students to demonstrate and engage in higher order thinking is a difficult challenge. This workshop will explore ways of using online quizzes and questions to challenge students and promote deep approaches to learning. We will discuss when quizzes can be most effective and explore the types of questions that can be most effective in different situations. Register for the 17 February workshop on the Staff Development site.

Learn.UQ: Tests, Quizzes, Tests and Exam

This practical workshop will cover how to create, deploy and manage online self-marking quizzes, tests and exams. Participants will learn how to setup a variety of question types, question pools and random question blocks. Register for the 17 February workshop on the Staff Development site.

Virtual Classroom (Adobe Connect) workshops

ITS and ITaLI (formerly TEDI) are running back to back workshops to support staff introducing virtual classroom lectures / tutorials in their courses in 2015. Participants need to register for each workshop separately.

Virtual classrooms (Adobe Connect) workshop

In this course you will develop an understanding of how to facilitate lectures, tutorials and other teaching and learning activities online using Adobe Connect. Practical skills cover include how to use chat, webcams, polls, whiteboards, share documents and your screen. Register for the 19 February workshop on the Staff Development site.

Designing an engaging virtual classroom session workshop

Explore how to design and adapt lectures and tutorials for facilitation online. Discuss ideas for including active learning activities in your online sessions and plan your own engaging tasks. Register for the 19 February workshop on the Staff Development site.

Peer Assessment workshop - Students reviewing each other's work

Turnitin PeerMark facilitates students reading, reviewing and evaluating the work of other students in their course while sharing their own work. The workshop will explore the benefits of peer assessment for teaching and learning. Participants will be guided through the process of creating a TurnItIn PeerMark assessment,  students review submission and marking submitted reviews. Register for the 16 January workshop on the Staff Development site.

Course site design workshop

This hands-on course explores course site design and building. Bring your Blackboard course site, content and ideas. We will help you design and build a course that looks professional and supports your students' learning (this course is jointly presented by ITS and TEDI). Staff can enrol in the next course on 12 February at the Staff Development website.

Desktop video recording - individual tutorials 

ITS are offering one-on-one tutorials to support staff incorporating video resources into their courses during January. Tutorial options include: Desktop video recording - Echo360 PCAP; Adding narration to PowerPoint; or Using Kaltura (UQ's video server). Visit Desktop video recording tutorials for further information and email Ailsa Dickie, with your availability and office location to organise a tutorial.

eLearning authoring software training - iSpring

ITS are helping pilot iSpring suite eLearning authoring software during 2015. iSpring integrates with PowerPoint and allows you to create video lectures, advanced quizzes with feedback, and interactive case studies. Licences are available for course coordinators attending training and willing to provide feedback. The online workshops facilitated by iSpring will be held on the dates below:

  • 15 January, 3pm - 4pm, online
  • 10 February, 3pm - 4pm, online

Please contact Ailsa Dickie, to register or for further information.

Flipped Classroom workshop

Thinking about flipping your course? The Flipped Classroom is a student centred method that explores ways to increase active learning and engagement which some educators claim can result in significant gains in learning. If you are interested to know more register for the Friday 13 February, Flipped Classroom workshop on the Staff Development site.