If you've been affected by the recent travel ban, you can access UQ resources through a VPN (virtual private network) from the country that you are in (e.g. China).


Please refer to VPN for students affected by the travel ban


Tested Sites PRE VPN

The following URLs appear to be available via a China url checker or a VPN into China. Note: Students in China using VPN for students affected by the travel ban can access all sites so the information below is not relevant. The Testing of the actual content below behind these urls is recommended. When used in-depth applications can sometimes call on content that is blocked even though the main url is not blocked. This can be done with a VPN like https://www.n2ping.com/ or www.transocks.com/ or ideally by a UQ staff member currently in mainland China.  To minimise retesting please let us share your results here. Send to elearningadvisors@uq.edu.au 


Accessible List of Accessible URLs
Not Accessible List of NOT Accessible URLs
untested List of sites where some of the page loads..

afr.com.au Fail Not Accessible

beta.adb.org Fail Not Accessible

bis.org Fail Not Accessible

bit.ly Fail Not Accessible

bloomberg.com Fail Not Accessible

cato.org Fail Not Accessible

economist.com Fail Not Accessible

economistsview.typepad.com Fail Not Accessible

edge.edx.org Fail Not Accessible

en.wikipedia.org Fail Not Accessible

gregmankiw.blogspot.com Fail Not Accessible

heritage.org Fail Not Accessible

i.ytimg.com Fail Not Accessible

nytimes.com Fail Not Accessible

pbc.gov.cn Fail Not Accessible

theatlantic.com Fail Not Accessible

transparency.org Fail Not Accessible

yourmoney.com.au Fail Not Accessible

youtu.be Fail Not Accessible

youtube.com Fail Not Accessible

youtube-nocookie.com Fail Not Accessible

asx.com.au Limited Not Accessible

mentoring.app.uq.edu.au Limited Not Accessible

padletuq.padlet.org Read OnlyNot Accessible
padlet.com Read OnlyNot Accessible

abdc.edu.au SuccessAccessible

abs.gov.au SuccessAccessible

accc.gov.au SuccessAccessible

aisel.aisnet.org SuccessAccessible

asic.gov.au SuccessAccessible

austlii.edu.au SuccessAccessible

bankofengland.co.uk SuccessAccessible

bea.gov SuccessAccessible

blogs.worldbank.org SuccessAccessible

bls.gov SuccessAccessible

cda.morris.umn.edu SuccessAccessible

cdnapisec.kaltura.com SuccessAccessible

cfvod.kaltura.com SuccessAccessible

charteredaccountants.com.au SuccessAccessible

cia.gov SuccessAccessible

comlaw.gov.au SuccessAccessible

conference-board.org SuccessAccessible

datacatalog.worldbank.org SuccessAccessible

demonstrations.wolfram.com SuccessAccessible

dev.mysql.com SuccessAccessible

dictionaryofeconomics.com SuccessAccessible

doi.org SuccessAccessible

dx.doi.org SuccessAccessible

ebooks.adelaide.edu.au SuccessAccessible

ecb.int SuccessAccessible

economics.rabobank.com SuccessAccessible

edx.org SuccessAccessible

efic.gov.au SuccessAccessible

espace.library.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible

ezproxy.library.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible

faculty.fuqua.duke.edu SuccessAccessible

federalreserve.gov SuccessAccessible

federalreserveeducation.org SuccessAccessible

gapminder.org SuccessAccessible

guides.library.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible


hbr.org SuccessAccessible

hdr.undp.org SuccessAccessible

imf.org SuccessAccessible

josephstiglitz.com SuccessAccessible

journals.sagepub.com SuccessAccessible

kaltura.com SuccessAccessible

legislation.gov.au SuccessAccessible

legislation.qld.gov.au SuccessAccessible

levyinstitute.org SuccessAccessible

library.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible

Learning Pathways Accessible

lynda.com SuccessAccessible

mckinsey.com SuccessAccessible

mendix.com SuccessAccessible

my.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible

mysqltutorial.org SuccessAccessible

nbviewer.jupyter.org SuccessAccessible

oecd.org SuccessAccessible

ons.gov.uk SuccessAccessible

pc.gov.au SuccessAccessible

perceptualmaps.com SuccessAccessible

piazza.com SuccessAccessible

qualtrics.com SuccessAccessible

rba.gov.au SuccessAccessible

rdm.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible

rossgittins.com SuccessAccessible

rsf.org SuccessAccessible

scamwatch.gov.au SuccessAccessible

sciencedirect.com SuccessAccessible

search.library.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible

sinet.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible

smh.com.au SuccessAccessible

stlouisfed.org SuccessAccessible

support.my.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible

thebalance.com SuccessAccessible

thesouthafrican.com SuccessAccessible

thisamericanlife.org SuccessAccessible

treasury.gov.au SuccessAccessible

tutor2u.net SuccessAccessible

un.org SuccessAccessible

UQ Active Learn (UQpoll, UQwordcloud, UQwordstream)

apps.elearning.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible

uq.rl.talis.com SuccessAccessible

uqbel.az1.qualtrics.com SuccessAccessible

uts.edu.au SuccessAccessible

web.library.uq.edu.au SuccessAccessible

weforum.org SuccessAccessible

wiki.dickinson.edu SuccessAccessible

wileydirect.com.au SuccessAccessible

wipo.int SuccessAccessible

wolframcloud.com SuccessAccessible

wto.org SuccessAccessible

xe.com SuccessAccessible