The Academic Integrity modules (AIM) are available to students through edX (Edge). Students should be encouraged to complete these modules if they are new to the university or have not completed the previous academic integrity tutorial.

The modules have been developed in two parts to enable students to progressively learn about ethical decision making during their first semester: 

  • Part A (approx. 1hr) should be completed during a student’s first semester of study at UQ before their census date. This part provides students with an overview of the academic moral code and ethical policy, as well as how to demonstrate integrity during their studies.
  • Part B (approx. 1hr) is designed to develop the students’ confidence in making ethical decisions on a daily basis and is intended to be completed by the end of Week 13.

Assessment in the form of multiple-choice questions are embedded throughout the modules. Students must answer each assessment question correctly to be recorded as ‘Completed’. Students will not receive a certificate for completing these modules. Course coordinators who wish to check their students’ completion can do so through our learning analytics tool, Course Insights.

A point to note when communicating with your students about these modules is that the green progress ticks are merely a visual aid to show the learner where they are up to, and do not have any bearing on the student’s completion.

Checking student completion

You can check which students in your course have completed the modules and send a reminder email to those who have not, via Course Insights. Refer to the Course Insights - Academic Integrity Modules guide.