The Academic Integrity Module that students are required to complete has been moved from the edX (Edge) platform this semester and relocated in Learn.UQ (Blackboard) to make it accessible to students in China. All students who need to complete the module will do so in Blackboard.

Things for you to know:

  • The learning content remains the same.
  • The assessment has been set up as a Blackboard Test.
  • Students are required to get 100% to pass.
  • Students may re-sit the Test when their previous attempt is unsuccessful.

Course coordinator reporting is currently being updated and should be available by the end of Week 2. Students will not receive a Certificate of Completion through this Blackboard version; you may wish to consider students screenshotting their ‘PASS’ grade to evidence completion.

Please convey this information to your students in class and via your Blackboard site.

Updated instructions for students are available on the Academic Integrity module webpage.