1. Introduction

This self-paced, online workshop has been designed to provide you with a structured programme to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence in using LearnX.

Topics should be completed in sequence as the course has been designed to build on knowledge and skills gained in the previous topics. 

The LearnX course will provide:

  • an overview on how to create content such as adding text and videos
  • create a range of problems (questions)

The process

  1. Before starting the course, email elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au and request permission to gain access to the LearnX Online Workshop course site.

Note: If you have not signed in to LearnX before, you must follow the steps in the Access LearnX guide. Ensure you log in with your @uq.edu.au email address and not your school/faculty email, for example, @business.uq.edu.au.

  1. Watch the videos and read the instructions in the LearnX Online Workshop Instructions, LearnX site.
  2. Complete the tasks in the LearnX Online Workshop Participants LearnX site with a Section under your name.
  3. Upon completion, send an email to elearningadvisers@uq.edu.au. We will assess your work, provide you with additional assistance if required and record course completion through Workday.

Required resources

  1. Time: Schedule approximately 2 hours to complete this online course. You can also complete the workshop over an extended period of time and resume where you last stopped.
  2. Technological resources: A computer preferably with 2 screens and earphones for listening to the videos.
  3. Online resources: A collection of images and documents are required for some activities. These will be available to download on the required pages.