7. Screen Recording and Drawing

Screen Recording and Drawing

For more information, refer to the Screen Recording guide and the Drawing guide.

Note: During a recording of your own, drawing is optional and this task only pertains to this workshop.

Task to complete

Screen Recording Preparation

  1. Go to your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Staging course site.
  2. From the Course Menu, select Announcements.


  1. Open Kaltura Capture.
  2. Ensure only one screen icon is selected and the icon turned blue.
  3. Click on the down arrow next to the Screen icon to ensure the preview display is showing the Announcements tab. If not, select the appropriate display from the drop-down menu.
  4. Ensure the audio is recording.

Recording and Drawing

  1. Optionally, if working with one screen, you might need to use Alt Tab (on Windows) or Command Tab (on Mac) to ensure Kaltura Capture appears on the screen.
  2. Click on the Start Recording icon (red circle).

Note: A countdown timer will appear before recording.

Tip: Make use of the Pause Recording icon (red circle) to pause between links so that it ensures the recording is efficient. It can also ensure you do not need to finish the recording in one longer take.

Note: If a mistake was made, there is no way to redo a certain part. You can either delete the recording by clicking on the Cancel recording icon (x icon) and start again or cut out that incorrect part via Editing.

  1. Pause the recording.

Create Drawing 1

  1. Click on the pencil icon.
  2. Click on the pencil icon that appears in the panel.
  3. Click on the blue circle.
  4. Click and drag the grey dot to the top of the slider.
  5. Draw a blue circle around the Learning Resources tab.
  6. Click on the Resume Recording icon (red circle).
  7. Say into the microphone: In order to find the lecture recordings, go to Learning Resources.
  8. Pause the recording.
  9. Click on the bin icon to delete the drawings.

Create Drawing 2

  1. Click on the mouse pointer icon.
  2. From the Course Menu, select Learning Resources.
  3. Click on the pencil icon.
  4. Click on the pencil icon that appears in the panel.
  5. Click on the red circle.
  6. Click and drag the grey dot to the middle of the slider.
  7. Draw a red circle around the Lecture Recordings link.
  8. Click on the arrow icon that appears in the panel.
  9. Click on the green circle.
  10. Click and drag the grey dot to the top of the slider.
  11. Click and drag to create a green arrow, pointing to the Lecture Recordings link.
  12. Click on the Resume Recording icon (red circle).
  13. Say into the microphone: All the previous weeks' lecture recordings are found here in the Lecture Recordings link.
  14. Pause the recording.
  15. Click on the bin icon to delete the drawings.
  16. Click on the Stop Recording icon (square icon). 
  17. Click on the Yes, Stop it button.

Save & Upload to My Media

  1. Enter "Screen Recording and Drawing Desktop Recording" in the Title textfield.
  2. Click on the Save & Upload button.

Note: The upload process will take longer depending on internet connection, length of recording and quality of recording i.e. if the recording quality was set to 1080p.