This checklist is designed to help instructors prepare for a possible disruption to campus operations (for example, a flood, gas leak, virus, storm). This checklist will help you to:

  • Adjust face to face learning activities so they can be delivered to students off campus;
  • Adjust assessment to move from physical to electronic submission;
  • Redesign tutorials so off campus students are catered for - often using Zoom.
  • Provide access to Library resources that would normally be consumed in person;
  • Identify workshops on tools that will help you teach to students off campus (e.g. Zoom, Wordstream, Padlet).

Readiness Quiz

Are you prepared to...?

  1. Put your course materials online
  • I have an activated Blackboard course site for each of my courses that contains the most current course information.
  • I know how to create assignments for my students online.
  • I use audio or video materials in class and I know how to share these with my students

If you answered "no" to one or more of the statements above, learn more in the How to Put Materials Online section below.

  1. Establish channels of communication with your students and colleagues
  • My students know how to contact me if they have a question.
  • I have a way to facilitate discussion with groups of students remotely.
  • Students have a way to contact each other and collaborate online.

If you answered "no" to one or more of the statements above, learn more in the How to Communicate Online section below.

  1. Establish ways to conduct your class at a distance
  • My students can read, listen to, and/or watch my lectures online.
  • My students can turn in homework and take exams online
  • I have a way to respond to student work and securely publish marks online.
  • I know how to submit final grades to the Student System online.

If you answered "no" to one or more of the statements above, learn more in the How to Conduct Your Class Online

  1. Set up remote access to important resources
  • I have a computer or laptop at home that has the software and Internet connectivity I need to work remotely.
  • My tutors have the knowledge and capability to remotely conduct their quiz sessions.
  • I know how to contact my tutors from home

If you answered "no" to one or more of the statements above, learn more in the How to Access UQ Materials From Home section below.

How to Put Materials Online

Having course materials online is helpful for preparedness and for student accessibility.  Have an activated Blackboard course site. Put all your course materials in the learning management system and make sure the site is  available to your students. See Getting Started with Learn.UQ. Post your learning materials, upload audio and video examples, post urgent announcements.

How to Communicate Online

Useful for both emergency situations and general course activity, this list provides suggestions on establishing lines of communication with and between your students and colleagues.

Use the announcement feature within Blackboard. Students are automatically emailed all announcements, though they have the ability to turn the Blackboard emails feature off in their MY.UQ settings page.

Create an Online Discussion Board

Enable your students to communicate asynchronously with you, your tutors and co-instructors, and each other online by creating an online discussion board. Create multiple discussion areas to organize conversation topics on your board. Add your tutors and co-instructors as moderators or administrators, allowing them to facilitate discussions or manage board settings.

Use Social Networking Tools to Send Messages to Your Students

Send instant updates and announcements to your students about the status of your course using online social networking sites such Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

Use the Web to Communicate in Real Time

Skype allows you to conduct a teleconference call.
Google+ Hangouts is another option, although you can't have more than 10 people in a hangout at once.
Google Chat is good tools for one-on-one conversations.

Create a Telephone Hotline

Turn your voicemail box into a telephone hotline. Update your greeting with timely information about the status of your course(s) or campus operations.

How to Conduct your Class Online

Facilitate classroom and other campus-based activities, such as lectures, student questions, discussion, homework turn-in and exams, with these technology tool options.

Use the live Virtual Classroom

The UQ Virtual Classroom is a free online real-time classroom all instructors. Zoom allows participants to communicate, view presentations, interact with learning resources and work in groups. Conduct real-time lectures and quizzes from any remote location.

Collect Assignments Online

Gather homework assignments, provide feedback, and return assignments to students online using the Blackboard Assignment tool or Turnitin.

Blackboard Assignments – All file types can be submitted (including PowerPoint, links to videos, image files, spreadsheets, PDFs, Word docs). Individual or group assignment submission - Online marking with annotation (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excell) and rubrics (different to TurnItIn rubrics).

TurnItIn – All file types can be submitted and plagiarism check feature is included. Only individual assignments can be submitted. - Online marking with annotation (pdf, Word and PowerPoint) and rubrics (different to Blackboard rubrics)

Mark Assignments Online

The online marking function of Turnitin allows you to annotate student assignments, give feedback using a rubric and return marked assignments to students electronically. The students' marks are also automatically transferred to the Grade Centre in Blackboard.

Assess Student Learning Online With Blackboard Quizzes

The test tool allows you to create online quizzes, tests and exams that include both automatically and instructor marked questions. Tests can be used for both formative and summative assessment.

Track Student Grades in Grade Centre

The Blackboard Grade Centre provides an area within your Blackboard course to store student marks. Student scores from Blackboard tests and surveys are stored in the Grade Centre automatically. You may also manually add scores and information that are not automatically added by Blackboard. Assessment submitted using the Assignment tool can also be viewed, marked and downloaded from the Grade Centre.

How to Access UQ Materials from Home

You can access all of your on-campus materials if you have a personal laptop or home computer, and an internet connection. First check with your departmental support staff; your department may have a special system in place for accessing files from home. Connect to the UQ network as if you were on-campus. When you run the UQ VPN application your home computer becomes part of the University network, connected "virtually".

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