ITS have extended online course availability to students. A HTML archive of UQ’s courses has been created to: a) avoid an unsustainable accumulation of LMS storage, and b) address the University’s desire for courses to generally be available online for the duration of a degree, beyond the policy required duration. The new course archive requires the same authentication as the Blackboard courses (e.g. students originally enrolled in that course), but this could be opened up as required.

Archives loaded to-date are available here: https://archive.learn.uq.edu.au/


Policy 3.80.06 Availability and Archiving of Concluded Course Site Materials in Blackboard requires retention of a student’s eLearning materials for up to one year from the end of the teaching period. In 2012 the eLearning strategy committee (ESC) expressed an interest in extending the retention period to the average duration of a degree, so that materials are available to students for revision.  Maintaining learning materials for that long within Blackboard itself would degrade system response time for staff and students. A new HTML based learning materials interface, external to Blackboard, now allows students to access their courses for a longer period.

Enhanced Archiving Regime

Table 1 Summary Comparison of UQ policy 3.80.06 and the Enhanced Archiving Regime


Current Policy 3.80.06 ‘Availability and Archiving of Concluded Course Site Materials in Blackboard’

Enhanced Retention System

Student Learning Materials (eLearning course resources)

Materials will be retained on Blackboard for 1 year after completion of the course. With DVC(A) approval learning materials can be retained for a maximum of 2 years from the course completion date.

Most learning content will be retained for 4+ years after cessation of the course.

Student Assessment Material

All student eLearning assessment must be kept available online for the student for 12 months from completion of the course.

Assessment material is not available in the archiving system.  Staff should contact the helpdek if assessment materials are required beyond the 12 month availability period. 

Table 2 Detailed Comparison of UQ policy 3.80.06 and the Enhanced Archiving Regime


For 1 year after course completion

2-5 years after cessation of the course

5+ years after cessation of the course


Blackboard: Will retain both learning content and assessment items fully available to the instructor or enrolled students inside Blackboard, and well beyond policy 6.40.06

Flat HTML: The majority of learning content will be retained for 4+ years after course completion, equalling the duration of most degrees.

Purged: At the 6 year mark any remaining enrolled students will be emailed with 1 month notice of impending deletion, and given the ability to export materials.

Content folders

All Preserved


All Purged

Folder structure within courses


Standard content items within these preserved, e.g., doc docx pdf gif jpg, etc


Lecture Recordings (Echo360)






Discussion boards


Group-level everything

Not preserved

Submitted assignments, Gradecentre

Not preserved

3.80.06 Availability and Archiving of Concluded Blackboard Courses and Online Course Materials was reviewed and updated in December 2017 to incorporate changes to the infrastructure of the eLearning systems.  This page has been updated as a result.