What is it?

The aim of the eAssessment Project is to identify electronic assessment options that facilitate improved pedagogical practices and address existing administrative issues. A key component of this transformation process is the selection and deployment of a centrally-supported online assessment solution, available to all schools and faculties as required, that aligns with the majority of user requirements and integrates seamlessly into the existing Information Technology Infrastructure of the University.

What is happening?

In mid 2018, the project team will begin consulting with those staff from within UQ Schools and Organisational Units who are directly or indirectly involved in assessment processes.  This consultation aims to clearly define existing practices and preferences regarding assessment and exams from multiple perspectives, and across the entire process. From these discussions, a list of requirements will be developed and a market scan will be performed to identify and evaluate potential suppliers.

A key outcome of Stage 1 is the identification of business requirements, which we aim to achieve by the end of 2018.

Project Team

Academic Lead: Associate Professor Peter Newcombe, Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Change and Project Manager: Sam McKenzie, Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Program Manager (Technical): Ailsa Dickie, eLearning Systems and Support

Learning Designer: Dom McGrath, Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

Business Analyst: Ranvir Parmar

Project Officer: Hannah Marrinan

Students as Partners: Lily Walsh, Mika Sato


The eAssessment Project is governed by stakeholders from across the University. The responsibilities and membership of each group are as follows.

Meeting Purpose Members
Sponsors Meeting To identify and discuss any risks, concerns or questions regarding the progress of the project.  Professor Doune Macdonald

Dr Sam McKenzie

Associate Professor Peter Newcombe

Steering Committee To approve the needs analysis and the resulting list of requirements as identified through school and faculty engagement; approve the shortlisted vendors; and confirm the desired vendor for integration into UQ’s existing IT infrastructure. Professor Doune Macdonald

Professor Karen Benson

Dr Simon Collyer

Ms Hannah Marrinan

Dr Sam McKenzie

Associate Professor Peter Newcombe

Mr Rowan Salt

Dr Greg Winslett

Advisory Group To review and recommend requirements identified for the proposed solution; review available solution capabilities as researched by the project team; and then assist in the selection process via shortlisting, through to final selection of a preferred solution.

Associate Professor Peter Newcombe

Debbie Bertram

Teresa Charlton

Ailsa Dickie

Tania Kapp

Hannah Marrinan

Dom McGrath

Dr Sam McKenzie

Associate Professor Karen Moni

Ranvir Parmar

Mika Sato

Dr Tammy Smith

Kim Taylor

Jessica Tsai

Lily Walsh

Kym Ward

Associate Professor Vincent Wheatley

Kaiyin Wu

Professor Paul Young


All enquiries and feedback can be emailed to the project team.

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