Revision assignments can be used to allow students to submit multiple drafts without overwriting the previous drafts/submissions. 

Before you create a revision assignment you will need to create a regular Paper Assignment first as your revision assignment will be based on the initial assignment.

Note: Students will need to submit their final assignment to the Turnitin Paper Assignment link. i.e students are submitting drafts and final assignment using different links.

Refer to the Create a Turnitin Assignment guide for further information.

Creating the Turnitin Revision Assignment

  1. Hover your mouse over the Assessments menu.
  2. Select TurnItIn Assignment from the drop down list.

click on turnitin assignment

  1. Select the Revision Assignment radio button.
  2. Click on the Next Step button.

select revision assignment


  1. Select the existing assignment the revision should be based on from the drop down list under based on paper assignment.

select existing assignment


  1. Optionally, enter a value in the point value field.  This is the mark the assignment is out of. Refer to the Marks / Rubrics / Grading Form Overview guide for information on options.
  2. Select the start date by using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time using the drop down.

Note: Students are only able to submit assignments after the Start date has passed.

  1. Select the due date by using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time using the drop down.

Note: Students are blocked from submitting assignment after the Due date/time unless late assignment submission is enabled.

  1. Select the post date by using the Date Selection Calendar and enter the time using the drop down.

Note: The date when marked assignments and grades are available to students in TurnItIn (initially set well after the due date to give plenty of marking time and to cater for extensions).

specify dates

  1. Enter special instructions you may have for your students in the enter special intructions (optional) textbox. 

Note: The text displayed is difficult to see (small font and grey) and it is recommend that you create an item with instructions for students regarding assignment submission and links to all relevant documents such as the assignment question and marking scheme (if it is not online).

specify optional settings

  1. From the Generate Similarity Reports for student submissions dropdown list, select immediately (can overwrite reports until due date).

Note: This option must be selected as per the 3.10.02 Assessment policy. Students will receive a Similarity Report for the initial submission and the next three resubmissions immediately. Any subsequent resubmissions will require students to wait 24 hours for a report. Students may resubmit as often as the student wishes until the assignment due date

specify originality report settings

  1.  Select the radio button if you would like to allow students to see Similarity Reports.

 select yes radio button


  1.  Click on the submit button.
  2. Click the OK button to return to the Assessment page.

click ok

revision assignment link



Note: Students will still need to submit their final assignment through the Turnitin Paper Assignment link.