This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a Turnitin Assignment for the submission of text based assignments (i.e. PDF, Word and PowerPoint files).

Video Guide

Create a Turnitin assignment (YouTube, 3m 20s)

Similarity Report

A Similarity Report can be produced and highlights any text in a student’s assignment that matches sources in the Turnitin database, including web content, previously submitted assignment and subscription-based journals and publications.

Multiple file submissions and group assignments

Turnitin only allows the submission of one file. Turnitin also does not allow the submission of group assignments, consider using the Blackboard Assignment tool for group assignments that do not require a Similarity Report.

Draft submissions

It is recommended that students be permitted to submit at least one draft of their assessment for checking before the final submission. If you only allow one draft to be submitted, you will need to set up a separate Turnitin Assignment submission link for the final submission.

4. GradeMark

Refer the guides Create a Standard Rubric, Create a Custom Rubric, Create a Qualitative Rubric and Create a Grading Form for instructions on creating and attaching a rubric/grading form to the assignment.

Refer to the Marks / Rubrics / Grading form Overview for information on the different marking options.

Note: Turnitin in rubrics are different to Blackboard rubrics. It is not possible to use a Blackboard rubric in Turnitin.

Note: The availability of rubrics is based on who is logged on, not what Blackboard course the Turnitin is accessed from. Your tutors will be able to use the rubric you attached for marking though it will not be available to them from the rubric list.