This guide gives you information on setting up a TurnItIn Assignment for giving students feedback on assignments that do not require a file submission. i.e. Oral presentations, performances and assignments where students submit a physical product.

Setting up your assignment

Note: To ensure students do no accidentally submit files to the TurnItIn assignment it is recommended that the assignment is set up in a Content Area that the students do not have access to. Refer to the Add a Content Area guide.

Creating the TurnItIn assignment submission

  1. Click on the Build Content button.
  2. Click on the Create Assessment button.
  3. Select TurnItIn Assignment from the drop down list.

click on turnitin assignment

  1. Click on the Next Step button.
  2. Enter the below information.
Setting Recommendation Comments
Assignment title   Should match the title of the assessment task in the ECP (Electronic Course Profile).
Points value   The mark the assignment is out of (optional). Refer to the Marks / Rubrics / Grading form overview guide for information on options.
Allow only file types that TurnItIn can check for similarity       Not applicable.
Allow any file type   Not applicable.
Start date   Must be set to before the due date.
Due date   The date/time after which you wish to start marking.
Post date   The date when marked assignments and grades are available to students in TurnItIn (initially set well after the due date to give plenty of marking time and to cater for extensions).

populate settings

Optional Setting

  1. Click plus button and open Optional settings.

click on optional settings

Setting Recommendation Comments
Enter special instructions   Not applicable.

Allow submissions after the due date?

  Not applicable.
Generate Similarity Reports for submissions?   Not applicable.
Generate Similarity Reports for student submissions  

Not applicable.

Exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index for all papers in this assignment?   Not applicable.
Exclude quoted materials from Similarity index for all papers in this assignment?


Not applicable.
Exclude small matches?   Not applicable.
Allow students to see Similarity Reports?   Not applicable.
Reveal grades to students only on post date? Yes This setting allow you to determine when feedback and marks are revealed to students.
Note: You set the post date when you started setting up the assignment.
Note: Student can also view their mark that is returned to Grade Centre through My Grade. You need to ensure the assignment column is also hidden to students in Grade Centre (refer Show/Hide Column to Students guide on the Grade Centre tool page.
Submit papers to:   Not applicable.
Search Options   Not applicable.

populate optional setting


Refer the guides Create a Standard Rubric, Create a Custom Rubric, Create a Qualitative Rubric and Create a Grading Form for instructions on creating and attaching a rubric/grading form to the assignment.

Refer to the Marks / Rubrics / Grading Form Overview for information on the different marking options.

Note: TurnItIn in rubrics are different to Blackboard rubrics. It is not possible to use a Blackboard rubric in TurnItIn.

Note: The availability of rubrics is based on who is logged on, not what Blackboard course the TurnItIn is accessed from. Your tutors will be able to use the rubric you attached for marking though it will not be available to them from the rubric list.

Submit the TurnItIn assignment

Setting Recommendation Comments
Would you like to save these options as your defaults for future assignments? Yes This allows you to save these settings as the default for all assignment you set up in TurnItIn in the future.
  1. Click on the Submit button.

click on submit

  1. Click the OK button to close the warning about the post date.

click ok

  1. Click the OK button to return to the Assessment page.

click ok

Include the Column in Grade Centre Calculations

  1. From the Control Panel, select Grade Centre > Full Grade Centre.

grade centre and full centre are highlighted

  1. Click on the grey arrow for the assignment column you just created.
  2. Select Edit Column Information from the drop-down menu.

the arrow and edit column information is highlighted

  1. Select Yes for Include this Column in Grade Centre Calculations.
  2. Click on the Submit button.

the submit and radio button is highlightede