Base assignment

To create a PeerMark assignment, instructors must first create a Turnitin assignment that students will use to submit their assignments (or drafts). The PeerMark component then uses this existing assignment to determine what content will be peer-assessed.

Create PeerMark assignment

Note: The PeerMark assignment link will not appear for students until the Start Peer Review date has begun. 

  1. From the Course Menu, select Assessment
  2. Hover over Assessments and select Turnitin Assignment from the dropdown list.

turnitin assignment

  1. Select the PeerMark Assignment radio button.
  2. Click on the Next Step button.

click on next step

Base Assignment

  1. Select the base Turnitin assignment which is to be peer-assessed from the drop-down list.
  2. Optionally, check the checkbox for Allow papers submitted late to be included in peer review.

Warning: If a student submits late to the base assignment they may not receive a paper to review or others students may not receive their paper. As you can allow Turnitin to automatically assign, or allow students to pick, a set number of papers, they may have already reached their review allotment before the late submission.

base assignment settings


    1. Enter a title in the Assignment title textbox. 
    2. Optionally, enter additional information for students in the Description/Instructions textbox. 

    Tip: Include a link to the Turnitin PeerMark assignments student guide in this textbox. 

    1. Optionally, check Allow students to view author and reviewers names.

    Note: By default, assignment submissions and reviews are anonymous.

    1. Optionally, check All student without a paper to review.

    Note: By default, students who do not submit an assignment to the base Turnitin assignment by the start date of the PeerMark component cannot review peers’ assignments.

    1. Enter the points possible in the Points value textbox.

    Note: The points value is the final mark the student reviewer will receive for their review of their peer’s assignment. The instructor marks each review out of 10 and it is then converted (rounded to a whole number) so it is out of the points value.

    1. Optionally, check the checkbox for Award full points if review is written so students will automatically receive the total points value if they answer all questions when writing a review. If selecting this option, you will not be able to grade students on the quality of their peer reviews.

    Note: If Award full points if review is written is not selected, you will need to mark all students on the quality of each peer review out of 10 and this total (out of the total possible points) will then be converted to be out of the Points value. For more information, refer to the Mark Reviews guide. 

    description settings

     Assignment Dates

    1.  Enter the Start Peer Review date using the Date Selection Calendar and select the time from the drop-down list.

    Note: The Start Peer Review date is the date students can begin reviewing. It must be after the due date of the base Turnitin assignment. Once the Start Peer Review has passed, it cannot be edited.

    Tip: Leave time between the Turnitin assignment due date and the PeerMark start date to follow up on students who have not submitted.

    1. Enter the End Peer Review date using the Date Selection Calendar and select the time from the drop-down list.

    Note: The End Peer Review date is when reviewing ends, no reviews can be made after this date. 

    date settings


    By default, PeerMark will automatically assign one submission from a peer for each student to review, however this can be changed.

    Edit distribution list (optional)

    1. Click on the Edit link.

    click on the edit link

    1. Enter the number of Paper(s) automatically distributed by PeerMark for students to review. 
    2. Enter the number of additional Paper(s) selected by the student.
    3. Check the Require self-review checkbox if you want the students to review their own papers.

    Tip 1: If you want students to only select assignments they want to review themselves, enter 0 for Paper(s) automatically distributed by PeerMark. Note, this may results in some students not receiving reviews of the assignments they submitted.

    Tip 2: By setting the first two options to 0 and checking the Require self-review checkbox, you can setup a purely self-assessment exercise.

    Add Questions

    Free Response

    Note: If you only choose to include free-text response questions, students will only be able to provide written feedback.

    1. Click on the Add Question.
    2. Select Free Response from the drop-down list.

    click on free response

    1. Enter the question in the Question textbox.
    2. Enter the minimum answer length in the words textbox.

    Warning: Select the number of words required carefully, students cannot save their answer if they have not reached the minimum.

    1. Click on the Add Question button OR Save & Finish button.


    Note: The total scores from each scale question does not determine the overall grade the student will receive. For more information on how peer mark grades are calculated, refer to the Mark Reviews guide. 

    1. Click on the Add Question.
    2. Select Scale from the drop down list.
    3. Enter the question in the Question textbox.
    4. Select the Scale Size from the drop down list. 
    5. Enter descriptors for the bottom and top of the scale.
    6. Click on the Add Question button OR Save & Finish button.

    select scales

    Edit / Delete question

    1. Click on the Edit link OR
    2. Click on the rubbish bin icon. 
    3. Click on the Add Question button OR Save & Finish button.