Video Guide

Access and view the Similarity Report (YouTube, 2m 28s)

Access the Similarity Report

  1. From the Control Panel, select Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments.

course tools and turnitin assignments

  1. Select the required assignment from the list.

assignment title highlighted

  1. Click on the similarity score percentage for the required student in the Similarity column.

student percentage link highlighted

  1. Turnitin Feedback Studio will then launch in a new window.  

View the Similarity Report

  1. Click on the similarity score button in the similarity toolbar. 

Note: For more information about the similarity score, refer to the Interpreting the Similarity Report (Turnitin) guide. 

  1. In the Match Overview side panel, view a breakdown of all the matches that have been found, ordered by highest similarity match to lowest.
  2. Click on a source to view the match in more detail. 

match overview

  1. A source box will appear on the paper.
  2. Click the book icon to view the full source.

.view full source view

  1. The full source text can then be viewed in the Full Source Text side panel, with all matching text shown in red.

full source text