Students should be familiar with and have experience completing exams using the exam technology option selected prior to the actual exam. Ideally, students would have previously completed formative assessment using the same technology.

Include a link to the relevant student guides (Tests and quizzesTurnitinBlackboard Assignment tool) in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course and recommend to students they familiarise themselves with the general advice provided.

Practice Exam

A practice exam should be made available to allow students to check they will have no technical issues completing the exam and to ensure they are familiar with the format of the questions.

Ideally, student completion of the practice exam would be highly recommended / compulsory (i.e. set a due date by which the practice exam must be completed and follow up with all students who do not complete it). Refer to the Turnitin email non-submitters and Grade Centre email reminder guides.

The practice exam will provides you with an opportunity to test the technical set up of your exam and provide students with a way to give feedback on the technical set up of the exam (i.e. set up a Practice exam feedback Discussion Board forum).

The practice exam will also provide you with an opportunity to test your planned marking process with your teaching team.

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Practice Exam Design


The practice exam should:

  • include an example of all question types and formats included in the actual exam.
  • use the same settings as the actual exam (except reduce the exam length).
  • include the instructions that will be in the actual exam for the students' reference, though you may advise they should not all be followed for the practice test.
  • be completed on the same device, using the same internet connection, as students plan to use for the actual exam to ensure an accurate technical test (you may need to advise students to do this).

Blackboard Test tool

  • Students should practice 'losing their internet connection' when completing the practice exam to familiarise themselves with the process of re-entering the Test tool (i.e. close their browser during the exam test without saving and then open the browser again, navigate back to the practice test in the course and click on the Continue button).

Note: If individual students need to retake the practice test to test a different device or internet connection, you will need to clear their first test attempt. Refer to the Ignore Test Attempt in Grade Centre guide.

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Students with Technical Issues

Students with technical issues should be advised to contact the Library AskUs for advice.

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