This tool allows you to view your course as a student. The tool can be used to test interactive tools such as tests and to check what your students are able to see in My Grades.
You need to complete the following three steps to use the tool.

  1. Make the course available.
  2. Add Dummy students.
  3. Use Become student tool.

Making your course available

By default courses are not available to students when they are first created. To make your course visible to students you need to change the Availability setting.

  1. From the Control Panel select Customisation > Properties.

Set Availability

  1. Select the Yes radio button for the setting Make Course Available.
  2. Click the Submit button.

click on the submit button

Tip: Remember to turn availability Off again after you finish testing, if you are still preparing your course.

Adding dummy students

The tool works with the dummy students nc_student1 and nc_student2. These dummy students may be added to any course.

  1. From the Control Panel select Course Tools > Become Student.
  2. By default both dummy students nc_student1 and nc_student2 are selected to be enrolled.

Note: The groups the dummy students belong to are highlighted.

  1. Click on the Submit button.

enrol test student

Using the Become student tool

Viewing the course as a student

  1. Click on the Select student button.
  2. Select the required student from the drop down list.

  1. The course will now be displayed in student view.

Return to instructor view 

  1. Click on the Back to Instructor button.

click on back to instructor