Spaces are groups that can be setup by anyone and are not part of a Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course. Spaces are used to collaborate with others. For example, you can create a space for a study group, project group, club, research group or special interest group.

Access your Spaces

  1. Login to Learn.UQ (Blackboard).
  2. Click on your name in the top right hand corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the spaces icon.

Click on spaces icon

My Spaces

My Spaces allows you to view the Spaces you manage and belong to.

Click My Spaces to view Spaces you manage/ belong to.


All Spaces

This link gives you access the all Spaces at any university or school which have been set up with the privacy option All Blackboard Users.

Join a Space

  1. Click on the The University of Queensland link to view all UQ spaces who do not have Private option setting. OR
  2.  Click on the appropriate Category link (note this will include groups from other universities and schools with the privacy option All Blackboard Users).
  3. Depending on the privacy setting for the required group, click on:
    • Request to join space (you will need to wait until you have been approved before you can access the group) OR
    • Join space (you will be able to access the group immediately).

Select a space from left, press Request to join space

Add a Post to a Space

  1. Hover over the required Space and click on the View Space link.
  2. Enter the required post contents.
  3. Click on the Post button.

Enter post comments, click Post


Leave a Space

  1. Hover over the required Space and click on the Leave Space link.

Note: If you are the only manager of the Space you will have to delete the Space to leave it.

View space


Create a Space

  1. Click on the Create a Space button.
  2. Enter the title of the Space in the Name textbox.
  3. Invite People to the space by
  4. Enter their name and select their profile OR
  5. Click on the Browse button to search for people not in your Learning Network.
  6. Click on the Get Started button.

Give space a name, invite people and click Get started

  1. Click on the Edit Space button.



  1. Select a category from the Which category best fits your space? drop down list.
  2. Enter description of your Space in the How do you want to describe space?

Privacy Options

  1. Select the required privacy option.

Note: All Blackboard Users will allow anyone at any university or school that has Blackboard to search for and request to join your Space.

Select provalcy, eg Protected or Private



  1. Click on the Change Picture button.
  2. Click on Upload New and browse for and select the required image.
  3. Click and drag a corner image handle to resize the photo as needed.
  4. Click on the Change Picture button.​

​Save settings

  1. Click on the Submit button.