What is the Minimum Presence Faculty compliance report?

The minimum presence compliance report is designed to provide Associate Deans (Academic), Heads of School and other administrative staff a summary view of compliance with the Minimum Presence policy. This report is automatically updated daily at 2:00AM.


You may sort this report by clicking on any of the headings. By default the report is sorted by Course ID. To sort by sites with a problem click the 'Min Presence Issues' heading.


By clicking on the Course ID you can view the details of compliance for that course. The details view shows the instructors.

Legend for the Summary at the top of the Faculty Compliance Report

Title Description
Faculty The name of the faculty.
Semester Code The code shown is the SI-net code allocated to all courses for the semester being reported on. e.g. 6420. The first two digits are taken from the last two digits when you add the number 1950 to the year of the course. e.g. 1950+2014=3964. The second 2 digits is one of the following: 20 means Semester 1; 60 means Semester 2; 80 means Summer Semester.
Number of Courses This is the number of year 1-3 courses that have been created in the Blackboard system as 'stubs' based on information on SI-Net. Not all of these courses will have had instructors assigned.
Number of courses available to students If this is lower than the Number of Courses it can be because before semester instructors often do not have 'active' courses. Sometimes instructors forget to activate. Sometimes instructors use only one instance of a course to deliver to multiple campuses (where as our systems create one for each campus Si-net says its available at)
Minimum Presence issues If the course is missing a compulsory menu item or 'guest access' availability it will be counted here. Renaming the item will show up as non compliance. Note for a course to be compliant the course level guest access also has to be on (See Available to Guests below)
Total number of content item  
Content available to students  
Content available to guests For the items that have been made available to students, this shows how many have been also made available to guests. Instructors configure guest access and may remove access with permission from their Associate Dean Academic. Note that not all menu items are required to have guest access ON so this figure will typically be less than the number available to students.

Legend for the Columns in the main report

Title Description
Course ID  e.g. PHRM1012S_6060PA. The 4-digit alpha characters identify the discipline: e.g. PHRM; The following four numeric characters are the course level identifier and represents the level of the course offering. For example, PHRM1012S identifies the course as a level 1 course (6 means honours, 7 masters, 8 prof doc, 9 any research degree .. masters, PhD etc); The 2nd to 4th numeric characters are allocated at the discretion of the Faculties
Course Title See explanation for this item in the summary section above.
Instructors This is the number of instructors allocated to this course. The names can be found in the details when you click on the course ID.
Number of enrolled students Number of enrolled students
Min Pres Issue See explanation for this item in the summary section above.
Available to Students If the instructor has activated a course it will be made available to students. Instructors are provided with courses 'un-activated' so they can be prepared for consumption appropriately.
Available to Guest This shows the 'course level' guest access availability. Guest access is set at both course level and menu level.
Content Items A content item is something like an individual PDF etc.
Content Items Available to Students Note some instructors hide content items and only release them as the course progresses in order to present materials sequentially. Also some courses may be deactivated because they have exemption from the Associate dean Academic, or because courses delivered on multiple campuses (that have a blackboard site for each campus) have been combined into one site, with the other ones deactivated.
Content Items Available to Guests  

Legend for the Course Details View

This report provides additional details for a particular course including: data created; date last modified; Instructor names; Detail analysis of the content items showing for each one whether students or guests have access.