This guide covers how to send out your survey using the Checkbox Invitations feature. Using this feature has the benefit that the survey responses are tracked and you can automatically send reminders. Refer to the Survey deployment settings guide for information on how set survey deployment settings.

Note:  The other option is to send the survey link using your own email or posting the survey link on a website (refer Sharing a survey – Using the survey link guide)

  1. Select to Edit your survey.


  1. Select Sharing > Email Invitations > +Email Invitations

Name & Options

  1. Enter a title in the Invitiation Name textbox.

Note: The Invitation Name is only visible with Checkbox to help you identify this invitation.

  1. Select either the Create a new blank invitation OR Copy the message and subject from an existing invitation radio button.
  2. Select either the HTML OR Text radio button.

Note: In most cases you should keep the HTML option.

  1. If required check the Allow embedded survey link to automatically log users in.

Note: Note this option is only applicable if you have selected to send the survey to registered users (all UQ staff are registered users). It means they will not need to manually enter there UQ username and password to access the survey.

  1. Click on the Next button.


  1. If required, change the email address in the From Email: textbox.
  2. Enter a title for the survey in the From Name textbox.
  3. Enter a description of the survey in the Subject textbox.
  4. Edit the message as needed.

Note: Be careful not to remove the survey “click here” link.

  1. Click on the Next button.


  1. Copy and paste or enter the email addresses into the textbox. (one per line).
  2. Click on the Add to Invitation button.
  3. Click on the Next button.

Note: Do not use the Users. Groups, Email Lists tabs, these option are not available at UQ.

put in email addressesemail address screen


  1. Check the message details.
  2. Click on the Previous button if you need to make changes, otherwise click on the Finish button.

click on the finish button


  1. Optional, enter an email address and click on Send Test E-mail to test your survey.
  2. If you need to make changes to the survey click the Edit Invitation button OR
  3. Click on the Send Invitation Now button to send the survey invitations out immediately OR
  4. Close the window and send the survey out at a later date using Manage Invitations (see below)

Note: The survey needs to be Active to send an invitation (refer to the Survey deployment settings guide).

click on send invitation

Manage Invitation – edit or email invitations

  1. Select to Edit your survey.
  2. Select Sharing > Email Invitations > Manage Invitations
  3. Click on the Name of the required invitation.
  4. Click on the Invitation Actions button.
  5. Edit the invitations as needed.

Email invitations

  1. Select Send to Pending Recipients from the drop down list.
  2. Click on the Send Invitation Now button.

invitation actions