The permissions area within Checkbox allows staff to share access to a folder. This can be done be adding an individual user using their UQ username or adding groups (e.g your school or faculty) through the Access List.

Adding a user

  1. Select the cog icon on the required folder.
  2. Select the Permissions link from the drop-down. 

click on permissions

  1. Select the Add Users/Groups to Access List tab. 

click on add users and group

  1. Select the Add Users/Groups to Access List tab. 

Tip: To add an individual user put in their UQ username first before selecting the Active/Directory/Membership button. Searching the active directory first can take up to 2 - 10 minutes.

  1. Put in the staff UQ username.

put in username

  1. Use the drop-down and select Active/Directory/Membership from the drop-down. 

select active directory

  1. Click on the username to give staff permission to the folder (this will move them to the right hand column).

  1. To remove a user/group from the list click on the name/group on the right hand list which will automatically remove them from the list. 

Adding permissions to user access

  1. Click on the Access List tab.
  2. Click on the UQ username and tick the appropriate permissions:
    • Manage Folders: Allows user to copy a folder, move surveys and delete the folder.
    • View Folders and Folder Contents: Allows the user to view the folder name and contents.
  3. Click on the SAVE CHANGES button.