Access edX (Edge) Course

  1. Access your edX (Edge) course.
  2. Select your course’s name from the Dashboard.

course selected in edX (Edge) dashboard

  1. Ensure View this course as: is set to Staff from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Instructor.

in edx edge, view this course as is set to staff then instructor is selected


view course in studio selected

Access Poll Settings

Note: To enable Polls, the tool must be enabled through Advanced Settings. For more information, consult the Poll Tool for more information.

Note: This process is for creating new content. Settings can be changed to existing content by selecting the section, selecting the Problem then proceeding from Step 5 onwards.

Note: Polls should be created for information purposes, not formative or summative assessment.

  1. In your edX (Edge) course, expand the required section and the subsection.
  2. Select + New Unit.

 concepts, discussion and quiz, selected. new unit button selected after subsection

  1. Select Advanced.

in add new component section, advanced is selected

  1. Select Poll.

poll option selected

  1. Select Edit.

edit option selected

  1. In Feedback, provide information for students after they have answered the poll.
  2. In Private Results, select the drop-down menu then select False.

Feedback textbox is selected. In private results, drop-down menu selected then false option is selected

  1. In Maximum Submissions, type in 1 (one) in the text field.
  2. Optionally, select Add Answer to add additional responses to the poll.
  3. Select Save.

maximum submissions text field selected with 1 typed in the text field. add answer option selected, save button selected