Access edX (Edge) Course

  1. Access your edX (Edge) course.
  2. Select your course’s name from the Dashboard.

course selected in edX (Edge) dashboard

  1. Ensure View this course as: is set to Staff from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Instructor.

in edx edge, view this course as is set to staff then instructor is selected


view course in studio selected

Access Drag and Drop Settings

Note: This process is for creating new content. Settings can be changed to existing content by selecting the section, selecting the Problem then proceeding from Step 6 onwards.

  1. In your edX (Edge) course, expand the required section and the subsection.
  2. Select + New Unit.

 concepts, discussion and quiz, selected. new unit button selected after subsection

  1. Select Problem

in add new component section, problem is selected

  1. Select Advanced.
  2. Select Drag and Drop.

advanced option selected, drag and drop option selected

  1. To change the settings, select Edit.

edit option selected

  1. In Mode, select the drop-down menu then select Standard.

Note: This setting means that each time a student places the draggable object, they are given immediate feedback as to whether they are correct or incorrect. In Assessment mode, when a student finalise placing all objects, they are then shown which are correct or incorrect.

mode drop down menu selected, option titled standard selected

  1. Provide feedback by typing in the Introductory feedback and Final feedback text fields.
  2. Select Continue.

introductory feedback text field selected, final feedback text field selected, continue button selected

  1. Proceed to edit Zones then select Continue.

continue button selected

  1. Proceed to edit Items and Item definitions then select Save.

save button selected