1. Open your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course.
  2. From the Course Menu, select the required menu link e.g. Learning Resources.

learning resources selected in course menu

  1. Click on the required Week/Module/Seminar folder.
  2. Select the Build Content button then Web Link from the drop-down list.

build content selected then web link selected

  1. Enter a descriptive title for the learning module in the Name textbox with the format: [Title of the Weekly/Module/Seminar section] EdX (Edge). E.g. Seminar 1: Making and storing meaning EdX (Edge).

Note: Do not close the tab/window as the URL needs to be added.

in web link information sectoin, name is changed to Week 1

  1. To add the correct URL, access your edX (Edge) course.
  2. Ensure View this course as: is set to Staff from the drop-down menu.

in edx edge, view this course as is set to staff

  1. Select the arrow/s to expand the required weekly activity and find the first link (in blue).

Week 1 down-arrow selected, revealing selected subsection checking-in. Final selection is weekly check-in

  1. Right-click on the weekly section and copy the link.

right-click on weekly check-in link, copy link address selected

  1. Return to the Web Link you created and paste the link into URL.

passed web link in URL sction

  1. Add the following text in the Description:
Click on the link above to complete this section.

Access edX (Edge) Content guide
Navigate edX (Edge) guide

Contact the UQ Library service AskUS if you need further technical help using edX (Edge). Phone: 334 64312

Reporting Technical Problems with eLearning Systems if you encounter a problem while using edX (Edge) follow the guide.

in description section, the text has been typed/inserted into the text field

  1. Select Submit to finish creating the link to your edX (Edge) course.

submit button selected