Access edX (Edge) Course

  1. Access your edX (Edge) course.
  2. Select your course’s name from the Dashboard.

course selected in edX (Edge) dashboard

  1. Ensure View this course as: is set to Staff from the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Instructor.

in edx edge, view this course as is set to staff then instructor is selected


view course in studio selected

Publish Newly Added or Edited Content

  1. Expand the section and/or subsection you would like to add new content to then select + New Unit.

week 1 drop-down arrow selected, revealing quiz that is selected and new unit option selected

  1. Create your new component/s by selecting AdvancedDiscussionHTMLProblem or Video from the options.

add new component selections showing advanced, discussion html, problem and video option

  1. Once created, select the Publish button.

after creating component, publish button selected

Publish Existing Content

Note: When you add new content, you need to save your changes within the component. If it is not published, the content will be saved automatically but will not be visible to students. 

To check if you have unpublished content in your course, go to the Course Outline. Unpublished content is identified by a yellow bar and an arrow symbol (the Publish icon).

  1. In Course Outline, go to the section that does not have all its content published.
  2. Select the Publish icon to publish the content.

Note: The Publish icon at the subsection publishes all content

Note: The Publish icon next to the specific content will only publish that content. This might occur if content was created after the subsection was created and published first.

in subsection, publish icon is selected