1. Sort you recordings if needed using the drop down list.      
  2. Hover over the required recording and click on the Edit icon.

click on the edit icon

View the recording

  1. Use the Playback controls to view the recording.

playback controls

Trim the recording (beginning and end)

  1. Move the beginning slider to where you want the recording to start.
  2. Move the end slider to where you want the recording to finish.

move the slider bar

Delete a section of the recording

  1. Move the mark in button to where you want to start the cut.
  2. Move the mark out button to where you want to end the cut.
  3. Click on the Make cut button.

allocate where to make cut

  1. The cut area will be displayed in light blue.

Clearing cuts

  1. Double click on the bluearea of the cut.
  2. Click on the Clear Cuts button.

clear cuts

Apply edits

  1. Click on the Apply Edits button.

apply cuts

Note: Cuts cannot be cleared after edits have been applied.

Publish the recording

Refer the Publish a recording guide.

Note: It takes PCAP one minute after it appears to have shut down to shut down completely. Wait at least one minute before opening PCAP again.