Screen Recording

  1. Plug in the microphone you will be using (if you are not using a microphone built into your computer) before you open CaptureSpace.
  2. Open Kaltura CaptureSpace from your Start Menu or desktop icon. 

Kaltura CaptureSpace desktop icon

Note: Refer to the Getting Started guide for instructions on how to install the required software on your computer. 

Recording settings

  1. Click on the Settings tab.

Settings tab

  1. Select the required screen quality from the Recording Options choices. We recommend using the 1080P setting. 

Select the required screen quality from the Recording Options choices

  1. Select the required microphone from the Select a Microphone drop down list and check the sound is being received (the green scale should move when you talk into the microphone).

Select the required microphone

Tip: If you are not sure which microphone to select, trial the different options until you select one that works. If you are using audio from a webcam you will need to select the webcam.

Tip: If your microphone if not shown in the list, close the program, replug in your microphone and restart the program. 

  1. To start recording, return to the Record tab then click on the Screen button.

Record tab, click on the Screen button

Recording Options

Click on the screen you wish to record

  1. If you have more than one screen click on the screen you wish to record. You may only choose one screen.
  2. Next, select the Select area to capture radio button for the area you wish to capture i.e. either the full screen or just an area of the screen.
  3. If you are recording full screen click on the Record button to start recording.
    If you are recording a portion of the screen click on the Select Area button.

Select area to capture

  1. Follow the prompt to click and drag over the area of your screen you wish to record. 

Follow the prompt to click and drag over the area of your screen you wish to record

  1. When you release your mouse button the recording countdown will start (5 seconds) and recording will begin automatically.
  2. During recording the control panel will minimise to the application bar at the bottom of your screen.

application bar

  • Click the icon to activate the control panel to access drawing options, or to cancel, pause or finish recording.
  • Keyboard shortcuts:

Alt-D   launches drawing tool for annotation during a screen record
Alt-P   pauses recording and launches recording controls during a recording

Tip: Use Alt-P to pause and launch control panel, then click on Done to finish your recording.

Drawing tools

  1. You will be shown a preview of your recording once you have finished. You can also edit the recording within CaptureSpace. Refer to the Editing guide for more information.
  2. If you are happy with the recording and do not need to edit, click the Done button.

When happy with recording click done.

  1. Enter a meaningful Title, and/ or description and tags for your recording then press Upload to upload the file to My Media in Blackboard or press Save to save the file without uploading.
  2. Enter a meaningful Title. Click save or Upload.

    Tip:  Choose to save the file if you want to come back and edit it later, or make another recording and decide which you prefer. If you choose to Upload you can still edit your video through the My Media interface in Blackboard.