A Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course can be requested to deliver community or corporate courses. i.e. Currently UQ Workplace Inductions and OH&S and UniFi Training are both delivered using Learn.UQ (Blackboard) courses.

How do I request a Organisation or Corporate course?

  1. Access your Learn.UQ site.
  2. Select the Staff tab.​
  3. Click on Course/Community Site Request Forms

Staff tab

  1. Click on the Community Site link to either create a New site or a Copy

New or Copy

  1. Complete the online form.
  2. An email is sent to the Head of the Organisational Unit/delegate to request approval as per the 3.80.08 eLearning policy.

Note: There is no hosting cost.

How are course participants enrolled?

When you complete the Course Creation form you can request participants are enrolled using the following methods:

  • Self enrolment
  • Manual population of staff
    • enrol participants yourself (refer Enrol users).
    • include a list of participant user names when you complete the Course Creation form.
  • Automatic population of staff i.e. Specific the group
    • All staff
    • By Faculty
    • By school
  • Automatic population of students
    • By Faculty - requires ADA permission
    • Other student groups - requires permission of the Academic Registrar

Note: The staff or students groups enrolled in the course should be as targeted as possible. i.e. Do not request All Staff unless the course is relevant to all UQ staff.

Can non UQ participants enrol in the course?

  • You can manually create accounts for each non UQ participant. (Refer External Users tool)

Can quizzes be included in the course?

Yes, Blackboard includes a test tool and results are stored in the course Grade Centre. (Refer Test, Quizzes and Pools)

Can results of quizzes be downloaded / extracted?

Yes, results can be downloaded to a spreadsheet. (Refer Download a spreadsheet from the Grade Centre)

Results can also be uploaded to Aurion, but this requires:

  • Agreement from the Team Leader, HRIS Operations in HR Information Systems.
  • A request to ITS (via Helpdesk) to provide the feed to HR. HR then will have to configure the system to accept the data feed.

Does the course have to be rolled over yearly?

As per the UQ eLearning Policy, Organisation and non SI-net courses are established with a duration of one academic year. As such, they will need to be rolled over yearly using the Course/Community Site Request Forms.

Courses need to be rolled over so:

  • The course displays on the Learn.UQ (Blackboard) Welcome page.
  • Old participants are removed from the course (this is especially important for courses with students enrolled).

Other considerations: