Using with Students

Inform your students of the Padlet address so they can post answers to your Padlet wall.

  1. Click on SHARE from the top menu bar.

Share button


  1. Click on SHARE/EXPORT/EMBED to access this section.
  2. Select Copy link to this padlet.
  3. Paste the link somewhere for students to access.

Tip: Post the link (by pasting it) on your course Learn.UQ site so students can bookmark it before the lecture / tutorial.

Post the link


Setting up Privacy and adding Contributors

  1. Click on SHARE from the top menu bar.



  1. Click on PEOPLE & PRIVACY.
  2. It is recommended that you do not change the default Privacy option settings.
  3. Under the Add contributors section – enter the email addresses of any contributors for collaboration purposes (contributors can be other teaching staff).  Contributors have the same access rights as you and will be able to delete student posts as well as change any of the settings.

Tip: If you are concerned about inappropriate comments from students you could turn on the Moderate posts option. You or a tutor would then need to check and approve posts before they are displayed.

  1. Click on the SAVE button to save any changes that you made.

People and Privacy