Share your Padlet with Students

Inform your students of the Padlet address so they can contribute.

Access the Share Settings

  1. Click on SHARE in the top menu bar.

The share menu button is highlighted

  1. Click on the SHARE/EXPORT/EMBED tab to access the settings.

The share/export/embed tab is highlighted in the share menu

    Copy the Padlet URL

    Click on Copy link to this padlet to copy the link.

    The copy link to this padlet option is highlighted

    Copy the Padlet QR Code

    1. Right-click on the QR Code.
    2. Select Save image as... from the dropdown to download the QR code image.

    Tip: Copy the QR code image into lecture slides so students can scan the code via their smart device as an alternative to the link.

    The QR code and save image as... option are highlighted

    Share the link through Blackboard

    Refer to the guide Add a Content Menu Web Link to share the link through Blackboard.

    Post the link by pasting it and create a new web link on your course Learn.UQ site so students can bookmark it before the lecture or tutorial.

    Add people and set up privacy

    1. Click on SHARE in the top menu bar.

    The share button is highlighted

    1. The PEOPLE & PRIVACY menu will appear.

    The share menu is shown

    Privacy Settings

    The two recommended settings are Secret or Organisation Wide

    Secret (recommended setting): This settings allows students to access the Padlet via a link without logging into Office 365. However students remain anonymous.

    The Secret privacy options is highlighted

    Organisation wide: This setting forces students to log in to their UQ account before being able to join Padlet, however their name will be displayed on their posts.

    The organisation wide privacy options is highlighted

    Add Contributors

    Enter the email addresses of any contributors for collaboration purposes (contributors can be other teaching staff). 

    Contributors have the same access rights as you and will be able to delete student posts as well as change any of the settings.

    Note: It is not recommended that you add students as contributors but you can share the link through Blackboard.

    the add contributors text-field is highlighted

    Advanced Settings

    It is recommended that both Remake and Moderation options are turned off.

    the remake and moderation options are turned off

    Save Your Settings

    Click on the SAVE button.

    the save button is highlighted