In addition to lecture recordings, Echo360 Active Learning Platform (ALP) provides a range of functionality to facilitate class engagement and participation. For example, the Active Learning Platform will also allow academics to:

  • Add questions and polls to lecture slides uploaded to the system, which students can respond to in real-time during a lecture using their own smart devices (laptop, tablet or mobile phone). Refer to the Getting started with Echo360 ALP Interactive Presentations guide.
  • View how many students have flagged a slide as 'confusing'.
  • Respond to questions from students submitted to the system discussion board and view their answers to questions you have published. 
  • View learning analytics data on:
    • which slides students viewed, wrote notes about, or flagged as confusing.
    • which students have viewed lecture material or engaged with activities during the lecture.


If you are using Echo360 Active Learning Platform to facilitate class engagement and participation, your students will be able to:

  • Access the lecture presentation (PowerPoint) through the system;
  • Participate in interactive questions (such as multiple choice and short answer) during lectures or seminars;
  • Flag individual slides as confusing.
  • Participate in online discussions and Q&A throughout the lecture or seminar;
  • Take notes that are timestamped and viewable with the lecture recording;
  • Flag and bookmark presentation slides; 

Refer to the Echo360 ALP Classroom Tools student guide.

Steps involved in using Echo360 ALP Interactive Presentations

Before your lecture or seminar

  1. Upload your lecture or seminar presentation (PowerPoint or PDF file) to Echo360.
  2. Use the tools in the system to add Activity Slides (e.g. Multiple Choice, Short Answer) into the presentation. Students will answer these questions live in class.
  3. Before your first session inform students you will be using the application.

During your lecture or seminar

  1. Open your lecture or seminar presentation in Echo360 ALP.
  2. Demonstrate to students how to access the slides through the Lecture Recording link. Also demonstrate to students now to navigate the slides, switch to tiled slides view, flag a slide as confusing and toggling to full-screen view.
  3. Deliver your lecture or seminar presentation using Echo360 ALP. This has no effect on the lecture recording which just captures whatever is on the screen.
  4. When you reach an Activity slide encourage to submit answers, display the collated results and discuss the correct answer.
  5. For slides students flag as confusing will have a red flag icon displayed with the number of 'confused'.

After your lecture or seminar

  1. An icon for the lecture recording will be displayed in Echo360 ALP next to the presentation icon.
  2. When students view the recording they will still have the option to view the slides and can toggle between the two views.
  3. Analytics on student participation in the presentation will be available within 24 hours.