PadletUQ LTI tool

Using the PadletUQ LTI tool, staff can bulk create individual Padlets based on an existing Padlet template for all students in their course. The tool allows staff to create a web link in their Learn.UQ course which automatically generates an individual Padlet for each student when they click on the link. Students will need to add the course teaching staff to their Padlet as collaborators initially so staff can view it through

Group functionality and marking

While students are able to manually share their Padlet with their other students (i.e. group members), it is difficult for staff to locate group Padlets, as only the student who originally clicked on the link in Learn.UQ to generate the Padlet will appear in the initial search results. Therefore, the PadletUQ LTI tool is recommended for individual use only due to the limited group functionality. 

The tool unfortunately doesn't integrate with Grade Centre, meaning staff must view and provide feedback individually via Padlet and then manually enter grades in Grade Centre. Providing feedback through Padlet is also difficult as staff can only ‘react’ or comment on posts and cannot enter general feedback or highlight sections of text to provide specific feedback. Therefore, the PadletUQ LTI tool is recommended for formative assessment only. 

2. Setup in Learn.UQ

  1. In another tab, access your Learn.UQ course.
  2. Select Learning Resources from the course menu.

learning resources link

  1. In the required learning resources folder, select Build Content > Web Link.

bulk content and web link select

  1. Enter a title in the Title textbox (i.e. Weekly Reflective Blog).
  2. Enter in the URL textbox.
  3. Check the This link is to a Tool Provider checkbox.

padlet embed settings

  1. Enter padletuq in the Key textbox.
  2. Enter jlzwfut0qrv68b2j in the Secret textbox.
  3. Navigate back to the Padlet tab and click on Copy to copy the Custom parameters.

padlet copy settings

  1. Paste the Custom parameters you copied into the Custom Parameters textbox in Learn.UQ.

paste custom parameters

  1. Select the No radio button for Enable Evaluation.

optional marking settings

  1. Enter student instructions in the Description textbox.

Tip: Mention that students can only access their individual Padlet via this link (i.e. Not via logging into Padlet in their website browser or via the Padlet app).

add description

  1. Select Yes for Open in a New Window.
  2. Select Yes for Permit Users to View this Content to make the link available to students.
  3. Click on the Submit button.

finalise settings

  1. The link will be added to your Learn.UQ course.

link in Learn.UQ course

  1. As each student clicks on this link, their own individual Padlet board will be created.

Padlet template