Video Guide

Design a Banner using InDesign (YouTube, 3m 53s)

Access Adobe InDesign

UQ has a site licence for Adobe InDesign so you can download a copy to a UQ owned computer. 

If you have a UQ owned computer (and your desktop support is through ITS) refer to the Self-install software on UQ computers guide. Otherwise, contact your local desktop support team.

Download the banner template

Save the Learn.UQ (Blackboard) banner template (located within Assets > The University of Queensland > Templates > Digital) to your computer. 

banner with proper template

Thank you to OMC who created and endorsed the banner template.

Download a banner image

Save a royalty free image to your computer for use in your banner, such as the example from Pixabay shown below:

free stock image, person checking patient's blood pressure

Examples of royalty free image websites:

Customise the banner template

  1. Open the banner template in InDesign.
  2. Click on the template image (you should see an blue box appear around the image). 

banner selected

  1. Select File > Place from the menu and open the image you downloaded.

file menu, place selected

  1. Double-click on the image (you should see an orange box appear around the image).
  2. Click and drag the image up or down to decide which part of the image you want to show.

resize image

  1. Double-click on the textbox to edit (a blue box should appear around the text).
  2. Replace the existing course code and course title with your own.

Tip: Edit the course code and course title one by one to maintain the formatting.

econ1011 as course code, economics for business as course title typed in banner

Export the banner

  1. Select File > Export from the menu.

file menu, export selected

  1. Select PNG (*.png) from the dropdown menu and rename the file.
  2. Choose a location to save your file and select Save.

file name saved as econ1011 banner.png, save as type is png, save button selected

  1. Select 72 from the Resolution (ppi) dropdown.
  2. Select Maximum from the Quality dropdown.
  3. Select the Export button.

quality set to maximum, resolution (ppi) set to 72, export button selected

Add the banner to your course

For step-by-step instructions on how to add the banner to your course, refer to the Add a Banner guide.